Real moments captured for real couples

Hiiiiii! You’re on my website which either means your planning on hiring a bad ass wedding photographer or you just like looking at beautiful wedding photos! Either way- I’m stoked you’re here. Hiring a wedding photographer is a big deal. You have to find someone who you won’t mind following you around all day on one of the most important days of your life with a camera in your face,  which is exactly why I make sure to make it FUN. From my terribly awkward jokes to help you relax, to making the entire experience as fun and casual as possible, you end up with photos that capture who you are as a couple- nothing forced and posed! By the end of the day I promise you that you’ll feel like you were just hanging out with a friend, not getting your photos professionally taken!

So why am I such a perfect fit for you? I am a wife (so I’ve been through this process and can help you out!), a friend, a dog lover. I spend way too many hours wandering Target, love the smell of new books, and my perfect date would probably be a day at the beach followed by an extra large pizza and a couple of beers. The sound of champagne bottles uncorking always makes me smile, and I like to reference The Office, Parks & Rec, and Bob’s Burgers frequently and randomly. When it comes to your wedding day- I am a professional. I come in with the camera and I’m ready to capture the moments that matter the most to you, your fiancé, and your families. I am here to guide you, make you laugh, and in the end, deliver you the photos you will plaster all over your house to remember one of the best days of your life. If you like gorgeous photos and want to experience a photographer who cares about you, then I am Rebecca Jordan, and I am your wedding photographer.



Considering booking a one-on-one bridal session to get those  dream worthy shots you could never take on your wedding day? Take a peek at this daring bride who was willing to say goodbye to her dress forever and instead have gorgeous moments captured for a lifetime.