You’re recently engaged and in the process of checking off your to-do list of finding vendors and booking your dream venue. If you’re scrolling through Pinterest, you will come across a lot of information about engagement photos. Engagement photos not only capture the initial excitement of getting engaged, but can also be used for save the dates, bridal showers, and other wedding day needs. Knowing some of these basics engagement tips will not only help you connect with your photographer better, but will also help you nail your engagement shoot.



1. Understand Lighting

Lighting is the driving force behind the mood your photos will capture. This is also a great tip to keep in mind for your wedding day photos. Want that soft, orange glow that you can only get during a sunset? Book your engagement shoot to be in the evening. Want a bright and airy look? Book earlier on in the day when there is abundant light. Talk to your photographer about the style of lighting you like and they can ensure your booking the right time of day to get the pictures you want.

2. Wearing White Isn't Required

With wedding trends changing every day and more and more traditions being thrown out the window, don’t feel pressured to only wear white because it’s “bridal”. If you and your significant other are really into fun prints and bold colors, rock it! These are your photos to celebrate your engagement and should showcase your personalities. (But if white is your color- rock it! I personally wore white to my own engagement shoot because I love wearing white!)

3. The Groom's Outfit Matters

I’ve been there, and I get it. As a female, you’re mainly worried about your outfit for your engagement photos. (I think I ordered 4 different dresses online for my own engagement session). It’s important that your outfit doesn’t outshine or out-style the grooms. Make sure your guy is wearing something he is comfortable in but that also reflects who he is as a groom. When your wearing something your not comfortable in (for grooms or brides) it shows in the pictures!

4. Practice Eye Contact and PDA

Practice makes perfect, so practicing posing in front of the camera is an important aspect to making sure your photos look natural and authentic. Being happy and in love in real life is easy, but on camera it’s harder to portray, especially with the pressure of having a person you just met taking pictures of you. Practice posing and being comfortable with each other a couple of days before your shoot. I recommend practicing the forehead touching & staring into each other’s eyes (until you can do it without cracking up laughing). If you want those cute cuddly looking shots, practice holding each other in front of a mirror to see what looks best for your style. If you don’t find time to practice- don’t sweat it. I’m here to pose you and position you in the ways that look best!

5. Your Mood is Evident in Photos

If you work all day before your engagement photos, and have a bad day at work, it’ll show on camera. Take the time to decompress from whatever you have going on in your personal life or work life, and focus on being happy. You only take your engagement photos once, so you want to show the happiness and excitement of being engaged! If your taking your engagement photos after work, I recommend leaving work a little bit earlier that day to get ready and get in the mood. If it’s on a weekend, don’t run around running errands all day and stress out. Focus on how you want your photos to look and what mood you want them to portray and they will turn out beautiful!