Engagement Session Tips & Tricks

Engagement photos are not only a great way to get some super drool worthy instagram content, but also a perfect opportunity to practice in front of a camera for your big day! Let’s be honest, most of us have never been in front of a professional camera, and it can be really intimidating! All of the sudden there’s a camera on you and you forget what to do with your hands, how to smile, and you can’t seem to stop blinking. Take a deep breath- I GOT you! Part of the Rebecca Jordan experience is not experiencing any of those terrible parts of having your photo taken. When we meet for our engagement session it’ll go something like this:

  • We meet, talk, get to know one another, and you’ll feel like you’re hanging out with a friend.
  • You don’t even notice that an hour goes by and that I’ve taken LITERALLY hundreds of photos.
  • You go home, I send you the photos, you and your honey laugh and fall in love with all of the photos and have a really hard time picking just one for your save the date.

Not only is this experience is super fun, but it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get to know what it feels like in front of the camera. That way, come wedding day, you have nothing to worry about and know what to expect from the whole experience!

So take a deep breath, pour another glass of wine, and keep reading for a couple of tips and tricks to get those dream worthy shots you love!

What to Wear

Remember when you were a little kid and your parents would pick out the perfect outfit for school picture day, and you got to choose between all of those super sweet backgrounds? Yeah- this is kind of like that. 

While comfort is definitely VERY important when picking out an outfit (because if it's too tight, too itchy, or too complicated- you're going to regret wearing it), you should still aim to dress nicer than usual. Engagement photos are photos that you can use for save the dates, holiday cards, or just to have gorgeous professional photos to frame for your home. However you choose to use them, you'll be happy that you decided to dress your best for your first batch of professional photos taken as a couple. 

For the gentlemen: I recommend dress pants or nice shorts if it's hot outside. A button down shirt tucked in with a belt always completes the look, and feel free to leave the sunglasses at home or in the car! Simple colors look best: think whites, blues, or other soft colors! 

For the ladies: Flowy dresses and skirts always make for gorgeous photos, but if you're not much of a dress girl, a cute romper or jumpsuit is just as stylish! Patterns are great, as long as there's not a different pattern on your honey, too much going on will take away from your faces! Wear shoes your comfortable in, and that you'll be able to wear for the session! 

Picking a destination

While it might seem like you need the PERFECT location for your photos, you really don't! All you need is your love, great outfits, and good lighting. I have a go-to set of locations in mind depending on the style you are looking for: from beachy, to city, to something in between! Think about the style that matches you best, and I can help you pick the perfect spot. I do recommend to shoot the opposite of your wedding, so if you're planning to have a beach wedding, let's do something more industrial for your engagement session!

What time is best for shooting?

The absolute BEST light is the hour after the sun rises, and the hour before the sun sets. Consider if you are more of a morning person, or a night owl, and we can plan to meet at those times! Anytime in the middle works as well, but the light will be brighter and a little more harsh (but still gorgeous!) However, if you are gushing over those photos where it looks like the couple is glowing and the sun is surrounding them, those looks can be found during golden hour light!

What do we do with our hands?! (how to pose)

While I aim to get as natural looking photos as possible with minimal posing- don't sweat! I'm here to tell you where to put your hands, when to fix your hair, and when to switch up the pose. I have a bunch of go-to prompts and poses to get the party started, but most of those great candid shots will come from you two being comfortable and interacting with each other! Be prepared for A LOT of hand holding, kissing, and what I like to call "face cuddling", and let the rest come easy! While I am not a huge fan of being sent Pinterest boards, I'm okay with you showing me a few inspiration shots here and there that you would like to try and recreate!

How far in advance should we take our engagement photos?

Depending on what you will use your photos for, I recommend taking your engagement photos anywhere between 3-6 months prior to your wedding! The turnaround time for your engagement photos to get back to you is 5-7 days, so if you're planning on using them for save the dates this should give you plenty of time to get those photos back and sent out!

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